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Smooth muscle is an involuntary non-striated muscle.It is divided into two subgroups; the single-unit (unitary) and multiunit smooth muscle. Within single-unit cells, the whole bundle or sheet contracts as a syncytium.. It occurs in the walls of hollow organs, including the stomach, intestines, urinary bladder and uterus, and is found in the walls …

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This antibody stains smooth muscle cells in vessel walls, gut wall, and myometrium. Myoepithelial cells in breast and salivary gland are also stained. It reacts with tumors arising from smooth muscles and myoepithelial cells. The other actins, such as beta- and gamma-cytoplasmic, striated muscle

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Muscle tissue is the most abundant tissue type in most s. Learn the three types of muscle tissue in the body, cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle.

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Smooth muscle: Smooth muscle, muscle that shows no cross stripes under microscopic magnification. It consists of narrow spindle-shaped cells with a single, centrally located nucleus. Smooth muscle tissue, unlike striated muscle, contracts slowly and automatically. It constitutes much of the musculature of

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Diagram showing the location of vascular smooth muscle cells. Vascular smooth muscle cells, isolated from human aorta, growing and forming a monolayer in cell culture.

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Smooth Muscle. Longitudinal. Central Nuclei (often fusiform-shaped); Meshwork appearance; No Stiations; Cross Section. Central Nuclei; Low Cytoplasm : Nucleus Ratio

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Smooth muscle antibodies (SMA) are autoantibodies produced by the body that attack its own actin, a protein found in tissues, especially the liver. SMA or F-actin antibody tests help diagnose and differentiate autoimmune hepatitis type 1 and type 2.

Mouse monoclonal [1A4] to alpha smooth muscle Actin antibody. Validated in ELISA, ICC, ICC/IF, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB to detect Human, Mouse, Rat and other species…

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There are three types of muscle found in the human body: Skeletal Muscle Smooth Muscle Cardiac Muscle (heart muscle) {loadposition position-topmiddle} Skeletal